Publicação livro Somos Todos Herois

Em parceria com a Leya, a OUTSTAND teve um papel preponderante na negociação do processo de produção do livro, tendo sido responsável pela negociação junto desta produtora.

Graças à Outstand, a todo o envolvimento da Leya, a APLL conseguiu superar todos os objetivos que inicialmente tinham sido propostos, e assim, disponibilizar um livro de histórias que a todos nos tocaram, mas não deixam de ser um incentivo a todos os que vivem o transtorno de se deparar com doenças oncológicas.

A Outstand teve o maior orgulho em fazer parte deste projeto, pois sem dúvida admiramos a força que é necessária para passar por situações que sendo trágicas, também podem ter finais felizes.


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In addition to all the reasons we have presented, these are some more that will help you make the decision to work with us.

We believe that one of our missions is related to the use of resources that have value for our clients.
In this sense, we have models of partnership, which, being transversal to the most diverse areas, allows any company or person who works as a freelancer to be part of our network of contacts.

We have all theory, and all practice on any subject we address.
Outstand, and its employees, are benchmark specialists in the areas in which they operate, and have long years of experience in various markets and different realities, which has given us the vision and success we have today.

We want to position ourselves as a benchmark in the market in which we operate.
We firmly believe that our ambition, product and willingness to win from our customers and partners, are the perfect match for your success, and inevitably ours.

We have a vision that is consistent with the reality of the market.
Each company has its own positioning, and the entire strategy has to be aligned with the proposed objectives.
In order to be able to be aware of all the tendencies that a business involves, we must be permanently attentive and above all have a capacity for re-adaptation, supersonic.

No matter the project we develop or create, we always adapt it to our client's needs.

We don't use default strategies or actions, because we strongly bellieve that each client has it's own needs, therefore solutions must be tailor made.


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