Under normal circumstances, the communication channel, willl the person in charge of markering department (In-House Marketing Director or In-House Marketing Manager).
However, it all depends on whats been agreed in the first place. The extended team service is designed to be a complement of the team you already have. 

The best way to achieve the best results, is to work toghether, towards the same goal.
As it would happen with internal team members, it's all about knowing this external asset, and try to take advantage of the soft and hard skills of everyone. 
An extended marketing team service, is designed to extend the team you already have, with the advantage of indirectly being able to use much more people who already belong to our own team.

It's mostly about finding out which strengths and weaknesses everyone has.
There are many tasks to be delivered to everyone, though, there is that specific task we don't feel confortable on doing. By extending your team, you will have the opportunity to split those tasks by much more team members than in the case in which you only have internal team members.

Not at all! We know you are completelly aware of everything that's going on in your company. We also know that all the marketing strategy you developed, brought you to us.
This means that you did a great job, and you are now choosing to increase your team, choosing the most cost effective solution to your company. Simply look at us as a member of your team.

By treating your agency as an extension of your marketing team, it’s just like extending your resources. If you want to achieve certain results utilizing us to our maximum potential by treating us as a partner you will colect huge benefits, allowing tasks to be splited along our whole team.

Ask us for more information about our products. Contact us to know more.

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